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Last statement of Saro Wiwa

“My only regret is that I was ever born a minority in Nigeria.” “Here lies the gentle sweet man Nigeria loved to cheat. They denied him even in death, the normal six feet of earth.” …..more

The politics of force deployment and Nigeria’s national security

When political and military leaders dispatch security forces to clamp down on a trouble spot, and in the process, people are unnecessarily killed, the sons and daughters from that community who are in the armed and police forces, eventually retaliate. By Priye Torulagha …more

Plateau State of Emergency as metaphor

These issues are about principles. And the question is whether we can subordinate principles to political exigencies. By Mathew Hassan Kukah…more

Why government should release the Okigbo and Oputa Reports

If the Obasanjo administration is to enhance its credibility, it must unfurl both the Okigbo and the Oputa Reports without further delay for the world to know. By Mobolaji Aluko, PhD…more

The Plateau model as a path to national integration

The crisis in Plateau mirrors the national malaise. The persistent conflict between settlers and indigenes highlights a familiar train in virtually every urban area. By Uche Chukwumerije….more


When the early Greek thinkers thought of the necessity of a philosopher king as a way of avoiding the political accident of having in office a person of inadequate intellectual preparation, some critics thought of them as pedantic. By Prof. Mike Ikhariale…more

Between Local Governments, Elections and the Constitution

In Nigeria, we have an overly concentrated centre with frail units by the standard of all countries with federalist structures. By Carol Ajie, Esq…more

Mr. President means well

From the foregoing, it is quite clear that Obasanjo kept the roads in bad shape and increased fuel price not to punish us but to save us from unnecessary accidents and so these are in our interests. By Al-Bashir…more

It is time to sit down for justice

Preeminent on the list of issues that is generally agreed by the peoples of the Niger Delta region regardless of age, ideology, government, political category etc. is the matter of resource ownership, control, use and management. By Oronto Douglas…more

New Council: What the law says

Our democratic dispensation has taken enough avoidable battering in the last 5 years as a result of non-adherence to the strict provision of our Constitution and it is about time a stop is put to this “overheating of the polity”, to use a now popular cliché. By Alex Ekwueme…more

The imperative of an ideology in the Niger Delta renaissance

We now face a more grim and dangerous situation more than ever before, as the ruling party has orchestrated a contraption on ground to gag all its elected officials from criticizing its atrocious policies on the Niger Delta. By Bobson Gbijie…more

Boni Haruna, Ibori, et al

The judiciary should not, in its grant of ex-parte injunctions or in its judgments give the dangerous impression that it is being teleguided or susceptible to being teleguided from Abuja. By Chris Akiri, Esq. ..more

The imperatives of Delta’s ‘road map’ to peace

The parties to these needless internecine wastages are themselves already tired and are only waiting for someone to say that very scarce but much expected word -stop. By Prof. Mike Ikhariale…more

The suspension of elections in Warri is anti-Itsekiri

As long as local government elections remain suspended in the 3 Warri local government areas, only the Itsekiri of the 5 ethnic groups, which form Delta State will remain a deprived people. By I. O. Jemide..more

Warri: Much ado about Development Committees Robert Akpojevwa

The sham(e) called World Airways

This American airlines flies the lucrative direct route between the United States and Nigeria under a shady business arrangement with an outfit called Ritetime. By Sonala Olumhense….more


Today, one could say that Nigeria has two political tendencies, one is linked with the PDP and the other with non PDP parties that is calling itself the CNPP. By Prof. Omo Omoruyi…..more

Charles Taylor: A foreign policy challenge to Nigeria

The critical issue is why did Nigeria grant asylum to Charles Taylor and set itself on a collision course with not only its own domestic opinion but also with the international community itself. By Prof. Bolaji Akinyemi….more

The Al-Mustapha Coup bogey

There is no question that the current democratic experiment in Nigeria has lost focus; it is in fact failing. By Prof. Omo Omoruyi…more

Of Rumored Attempted and Successful Coups

‘Oba’ Khato Okpere….Ise!!

In Benin also, wherever prayer is said with kolanut in all ancestral shrines in public or private homes, prayers are always concluded with ‘Oba’ Khato Okpere…Ise!. By Ambrose Osawe….more

Abubakar Umar bristles: ‘I’m not an opportunist’

So if government is in possession of this evidence, what else is it waiting for to start the prosecution of IBB. Since the government does not believe in sacred cows, why am I spared considering that there is an existing law that deals with such a case of receiving stolen property. By Abubakar Umar…more

We are at a T-junction

I do not know why my mind keep wondering around the letter T. T naturally sounds like tea, and if it comes to it, there is a lot of image that it conjures. Tea until MKO was an innocuous word standing for a beverage that we all enjoy. By Kola Animashaun…more

Nigeria has no business with poverty

Each time we have had to do this in our various plenary sessions, we have been faced with a lot of apprehension about the fate of the incoming generations, and what would become of our children when we are all gone. By Hamman Tukur….more

The truth Okonjo-Iweala didn’t tell about Naira

But part of the tragedy of the Nigerian case is that the erennial gamblers who today pose as philosophers of the Finance observatory in Abuja don’t appear to know habits to keep and those to discard in their avowed determination to redeem the nation’s wobbly economy. By Louis Odion…more

Burden of Proof

I have learnt with horror and disbelief that the subject of history has been expunged from the curricular at both the primary and secondary levels of what is left of our deservedly maligned educational system. By Prof. Adebayo Lamikanra…more

The offshore/onshore dichotomy abolition act: Matters arising

Although the new law marks a significant victory for the littoral states and the apostles of resource control, there are still many unresolved issues that will complicate and delay its implementation. By Dr. Emmanuel Omeruajaye….more